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Montreal soccer academy Mission Statement

The sport of soccer is taking more and more importance in Canadian society every day. There are more and more people who practice it on a regular basis seeking to improve their performance by developing their skills. Cultivating the youth system is the key for success in Canadian Soccer.

For this reason MONTREAL SOCCER ACADEMY’s main objective is to contribute to the development of Canadian soccer by providing our members with an effective and efficient instruction developing the basic skillsets and what it takes to bring them to the next level. At the same time create a culture where children and youth can enjoy healthy leisure, recreation and competitive soccer absorbing the moral values and discipline that soccer as a sport provides.

Many options exist for recreational soccer. Teams or clubs provide their members a spot to play games but without the supervision of properly trained coaches. Most of the time, clubs or teams leave the responsibility to volunteers who lack the knowledge required for the proper development of soccer skillsets or the improvement of the capacities of the players.

Our mission as a SOCCER ACADEMY is to provide the physical, technical, tactical and psychological tools our children and youth require maximizing their potential as soccer players. Under a proper system of education that empowers coaches and ensures the result of learning.

Our organization intends to start developing a training system so this gradually grows from being used as a technical resource to learn soccer to a soccer school, soccer academy and then a soccer club.